segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

Dreaming Awake

This short story is a piece of a dream. I wrote it in English because it's the closest I can get to a very special person. It should have been written in Italian.

Dreaming Awake

He opened his eyes and felt half-awaken. A quiet numbness was floating over him, it felt good. He was glad. His body was still warm from the blankets and the bed had their bodies' heat on it. He saw her long hair lingering on the pillow, she was still in a silent sleep, he could see her back, completely bare. It was beautiful, the whole picture. He put his face near her and smelled her hair and neck, he couldn't stop smiling. The moment his nose touched her skin she smiled even before opening her eyes. It took a moment for her to understand that she was really there. She had really slept in his arms. Hapinness was bigger than herself. She turned to him and smiled, his face was waiting very close to hers. He had impossible bluish-green eyes, that she thought could see right through her. Kissing was natural, and it happened before they could think of what they were doing. Every second, they were smiling silently. Her heart was light and so was his. For a long time he had waited and imagined that moment, and now it was true, it was the present, and it was better than any of the dreams he had of her. "You're really here", he said, more to himself than to her, "I am" and he kissed her neck and shoulders, they smelled good, is was not a perfume, but a scent, it was the smell of her skin, that touched his. It felt like she was a piece of him. She felt complete when she held him close to her. Now she could do so. "Can I hug you?" She had asked, the day before. "What is hug?" Right. The language barrier... She had opened her arms and put them around him, and held very tight. "Like this" She didn't have to describe, she could show him and that was good. "Any time you want" He said. She had wanted to hug him so many times before and couldn't. "I can hug you." She said, in content disbelief. He didn't ask to touch her hand or to kiss her, he knew he could. And now here they were. On a bed, half asleep, his body over her, one being part of the other. It was more, much more than they expected.

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ઇ‍ઉ.Kєℓℓy disse...
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ઇ‍ઉ.Kєℓℓy disse...

I really liked it, Lu.
I don't know why but I feel like I can't put the words together... but I'll try...
It is so light but so "feverish", the passion... so real and also so unreal, like this kind of thing should exist but doesn't... like a dream... a book, or something like that...
I can see that it came right out of your heart...
and I got curious about teh italian thing... hehe
Loved it!
(i wrote 1 comment first but I saw a BIG mistake... this is the good one.. hehe)

a_rosa disse...

What a special moment! Every one should live for a moment like that!

We're gonna make it! Whatever language we choose to write in, we're gonna be famous! rs

loved it, love you!

Gui Lopes disse...

Hey, dear!
I'm still alive! Lol!
I loved the story, and the relation between the guy and the girl. It is completely inoccent, and pure. I loved that. It's really a dream. It does not even looks real, but I believe that it is real! Am I correct?

I love you, and I also miss you!

Letícia disse...

Lu I just LOVED it!
I wish someday I´ll live that! Who knows?
I am so romantic as well, can´t help it!
PS.:I know it will come true to both of us! heheh