segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Death and all his friends...

She said to me, very calmly:
"Feelings fade. They die, and so do people. The sun rises and it goes so high in the sky that it turns into nightfall."
"But, to try..." But she would not let me speak any further.
"Doing your best, even when that is all you can do, is not enough. You can not try to swim faster than water, you can't try to hold the sun up in the sky, it would burn you without any mercy. Because you are in it. You are in water, you cannot fight it, but you don't have to drown. And I know that you believed what you did would be enough... I mean, you did great, but you were not even close. I told you, girl. I know how smart you are. Do not believe in lies..."
"They were so sweet, so easy to believe in..."

2 comentários:

Sofia Soho disse...

Não é porque nem toda verdade dura para sempre que ela se torna mentira.Acreditar nas coisas e nas pessoas é uma virtude tão nobre quanto perdoar.Só tendo um coração bom e muita coragem.Coisas que eu sempre vi em você.

Paola de Lima disse...

'They' really were so sweet and I hadn't stopped for a second just to question or to try seeing it clearly!
We are human, like Sofia said. And it's beautiful.
But being human doesn't mean being stupid. Am I right? Don't let anyone do it with you, with me, with Sofia, with all of us.

I'm always here. And I'll awalys be!

P.S.: I' hope my English is right! rs